What are Spyware, Malware, and Trojans?

Ahh the good old days, when a virus was a virus. Nowadays it seems that there are more and more buzzwords around for the things we don’t understand in the first place.

Simply put, these terms are interchangeable. Although technically a Trojan is a type of virus, while the other 2 are both spy­ware. A Trojan is a virus with a specific purpose: to allow a hacker to remote control your PC, usually to use it to attack another sys­tem.

Spyware and Malware are umbrellas under which we find many types of nasty stuff:

Programs that monitor your web surfing and report back to a computer so that they can direct pop-up ads at you that are relevant to your surfing habits

Key loggers that record your keystrokes and watch for groups of numbers that could be credit card numbers or passwords. One of the most annoying types of Malware out there these days is one of many that pretend to be helping you, telling you that you are infected and please click the link in order to get protected. This is almost always a scam.

So what to do?

The fundamentals:

  • Always keep your Antivirus active and up to date.
  • Clean out your internet cookies periodi­cally.
  • Do not open attachments from unknown sources.
  • Watch for “free add-ins” when installing software.

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"What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?"

Search engine optimization is the process of altering the text and background code on your website in order to make your page rank higher in the search results of major search engines. These days the web is the source for most people to find what they need, and the goal is to have your page come up in the first few results when people are actively seeking the goods or services you provide.

Everyone knows that these days Google is king, but a good balanced approach to SEO means optimizing your site for Google as well as some other search engines. Of course adding your site to local directories and industry association sites is a great idea too. Basically the more places on the web there are that point to your page the better.

While page optimization and link building are the core of SEO, we believe that of equal importance are what we call "on-page factors", IE good navigation links, content that matches the search results, pages that look nice, clean, and professional, etc. Think of your website as your store. There is no point bringing lots of traffic to your store if people are going to be lost, confused, or turned off by the disorganization of the place once they get there.

That is why you need a company that will take a wholistic approach to SEO: helping you with your design if needed, advising you of other advertising oppurtunities that complement your SEO campaign, and giving you all the information you need to make informed decisions for your business.

It is important to remember that ultimately we are optimizing your site for people, not for search engines, so a people oriented approach goes a long way!

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